We often get asked what items we would like donated to the group in lieu of monetary donations. For some organizations, it is easier to donate a tangible item then it is to donate the money to purchase that item. Below is our "wish list." If anyone is willing and able to donate any items, it would be greatly appreciated. Of course, we are an 501c3 Non-Profit Organization and can provide a donation letter in the value amount equal to the item donated. These items are in no particular order (links are for websites that are not controlled by KVSAR. Prices and info may change without notice).

Pediatric and Animal Rescue Tools:

CMC K9 Rappel Harness, $186.00/ea - Item #890224, Qty 2
CMC Pediatric Rescue Carrier, $1,575.00/ea - Item #724309, Qty 1
Rescue Glide Kit, $1840.00 + Freight for the kit, Qty 1
Anderson Sling Horse Rescue Harness, $4395.00 + Shipping and Handling, Qty 2

Tools for Finding Downed Aircraft:

LL-16 Synthesized Direction Finding Receiver for Emergency Location Transmitter, $ 750.00/ea, Qty 4
LHPW-2L DC Power Cord with Cigarette Lighter Adapter End, $15.00/ea, Qty 4
LLMB-1 Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket, $8.50/ea, Qty 4
LCC-3 Carrying Case, 20 x 14 x 14", $70.00/ea, Qty 2
LCC-1 Carrying Case, 26 x 13 x 5" (extra length for LVA antennas), $95.00/ea, Qty 2
LVA-160 LL VHF/UHF Aircraft Band, 118-126 MHz and 235-255 MHz, Fore-Aft and Left-Right for LL Series DF, $205.00/ea, Qty 2


HP Pavilion 17.3" Laptop - AMD A8 - 4GB Memory - 750GB Harddrive, Model 17-E118DX, SKU: 5862002, $379.99, Qty 1
Buffalo MediaStation - 8x Extrenal USB 2.0, BluRay DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive, Model BRXL-PC6U2B, SKU: 8549059, $84.99ea, Qty 1
USB GPS Receiver with Topo North America, $109.95/ea
Garmin Rino 655t US GPS with TOPO 100K Maps, $599.00/ea, Qty 4
Garmin 010-11598-00 Rino 600 Series Vehicle Power Cable, $37.00/ea, Qty 4
Garmin Rino 600 Series Alkaline Battery Pack, $30.00/ea, Qty 4

Misc Rescue:
Monopod, $5000.00/ea, Qty 1